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American Idol 7th April's vote anyone off or started. Latest results show, DidWe BenamWe eliminated. In this episode 29 of season 9, one of the lastine singers, be excluded from the competition and sent home.
American Idol Top 9 Season 9 results - live blogging and save Big Mike Richter. Wednesday 7 April 2010. Categories: American Idol. Lastight the Top 9 participants at the American Idol took the songs of Lennon and McCartney, and this evening . When he got out voted, it would be to his advantage in some respects. He would be out of the contract, allowing him to record an album would be free sooner. Joanne. Joanne Brokaw. 8th April 2010 9.48 clock. Brittany, We forgot about Dial Idol.
MiMichael Lynche Result Shocker of American Idol 2010  Time2news
American Idol Results Shocker Lynch MiMichael of 2010 | Time2news